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Treatment Options for Menopause | EmpowHER - Women's Health ...

Treatment Options for Menopause | EmpowHER - Women'...

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Different Women, Different Hot Flashes

When florists have hot flashes, they can do what my friend Mae Lee does. Mae Lee hurries to the walk-in cooler at the Flower Patch, the shop where she works....

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10 Important Things Women Should Know About Hot Flashes Before They Happen

Hot flashes- those feelings of warmth that spread over your body – go along with menopause the way, for some women, food cravings go along with pregnancy....

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Your Guide for Menopause & Hot Flash Treatment Options

By Sheryl Kraft. Not every woman will need – or seek out – treatment for their menopausal symptoms. For some, the symptoms might be mild enough to forgo ......

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Are You Experiencing Moderate Or Severe Hot Flashes?

If you’re around “that” age and you’re muttering, “Is it me, or is it hot in here?” chances are you’re experiencing a hot flash....

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5 Most Common Symptoms of Menopause

Not all women experience the same symptoms of menopause; but even if they do, their experiences vary. Wondering about the most common signs and symptoms of menopause and how they make you feel?...