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5 Things Having A Flat Tire Taught Me About Life

I hate going to the dentist — especially when it’s of the oral surgery variety. My mouth has had so much work done that if it were my face I’d look like a Joan Rivers wanna-be (may she rest in peace).

And every time, minutes before my scheduled appointment, I’m so tempted to call their office and say something like, “Sorry, but I can’t make it today. My car got a flat and I’m stuck on the side of the highway.”

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The Huffington Post

On Being a Mother | Sheryl Kraft

The other day, my firstborn son had a birthday. Long ago (although now it doesn’t seem all that long ago), when people warned me how fast it goes — how before I turn around, my baby will be all grown up (“they grow up so fast!” were the words I heard ad nauseum) — I’d simply nod and politely smile, not believing that what they were saying could possibly have a shred of truth about it. I couldn’t imagine a time when, on any given day, I wouldn’t be able to tell you precisely how many weeks it had been since my son was born. It was inconceivable to me that each long, physically demanding day would ever feel short and abbreviated, where every single point in time might not be remembered in the sequence that it happened, the fine details as ingrained in my consciousness as the letters of the alphabet.

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Sheryl Kraft

Sheryl Kraft is a freelance writer, blogger and essayist, specializing in women's health, wellness, fitness and spa travel. Her articles and essays have been published in print and online markets including AARP, Prevention, Weight Watchers, Woman's Day, Westchester Magazine, Brain Child, IVillage, YahooShine!, HealthyWomen.org, Grandparents.com, Bottom Line/Health and more....

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50 Things I've Learned In 50-Something Years

Soon, I'll be turning 50-something. There's no point in denying so-called aging -- it's something I wasn't always convinced I'd be here to witness -- but I can't help getting my real age number stuck in my throat when I have to actually say it....

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The Huffington Post

I Surrender!

I'm trying to come to grips with certain truths about aging. Like maybe it's time to surrender and stop with all the euphemisms. Maybe it's time to stop living in denial and accept what is. And yet.......

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10 Ways To Find (Or Not Find) The Perfect Gym

Since moving to a new town, I've been on a mission. I'm in the market for a new gym. Yes, my building has one (that's one perk of living in an apartment). But sometimes it's not enough (since I work from home, I need an excuse to actually leave the...

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The Huffington Post

Saying Goodbye to All That

I've come up with my list of things that many of us can say goodbye to/good riddance to with age. If this can't help me figure out just how I feel about aging, I don't think all the arguments in the world can....

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How Not to Forget

Memory is a funny thing. There are many things we'd like to forget -- like bad haircuts, lousy meals and upsetting fights with loved ones. And then, there are those things we would love to remember -- such as where we parked the car....

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Why I Made The Same Choice As Jolie -- But For Different Reasons

Angelina Jolie was not the only one to choose a prophylactic mastectomy. I did, too -- but for different reasons.. (Thank you, Angelina, for making it public. You've given me the courage to write about it for the very first time)....

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Why I'll Never Win a Blogging Award

I write because that's what I love to do. I am a professional writer. And if given an assignment, I can write about just about anything. But blogging? That's different.......

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11 Things Midlife Women Want Their Doctors To Know

This is a rather confusing time in my life; in fact, it's almost like being a teenager all over again (minus the wonderfully un-saggy skin and quick metabolism). My hormones are shifting. My body is changing. I'm feeling new sensations -- both mentally and physically -- and everything seems to...

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Unexpected Side Effect Of Going Back To School Post 50

I lost my cell phone and didn't find it until... Well, it's kind of embarrassing, humiliating and all those other words I need a thesaurus to find, so before I own up to this gaffe, I'd like to talk about the obvious -- the way our memory changes as we...

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The Huffington Post

Empty Nest Redux: Saying Goodbye to the Family Home

My boys came over last night for one last dinner in our dining room. One last chance to look around, breathe in the sweet unexplainable scent that hovers in the air and belongs uniquely to our home, this home which my two boys entered as children and are leaving as...

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Shelley Emling

Shelley Emling is Senior Editor at Huff/Post50. She previously was AOL's Montclair Patch editor and also has served for several years as a foreign correspondent for the Cox Newspaper chain both in Europe and Latin America....

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Grown Children

Sheryl Kraft. My boys came over last night for one last dinner in our dining room. One last chance to look around, breathe in the sweet unexplainable scent that ......