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Pair Up to Pare Down

Of course, you love your partner…but not necessarily all of him. Lately, you’ve noticed the pounds creeping on, and so has he — even though he’s blaming the dry cleaners for shrinking his pants. Your man may be on the fast track to becoming overweight.


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WeightWatchers.com: Quizzes - Dressing Slim for Your Shape

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Is Foot Pain Slowing You Down?

... Pain Slowing You Down? Plantar fasciitis could be to blame. Check out the symptoms and treatment of this all-too-common condition. Article By: Sheryl Kraft....

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Pair Up to Pare Down

Pair Up to Pare Down. Nearly two-thirds of Americans live with an overweight partner. Here's how to help yours get healthier. Article By: Sheryl Kraft. Couple....

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Too Sick to Sweat?

Article By: Sheryl Kraft. Woman blowing nose. It happens. You're going strong with your exercise program, and then, one day, your energy wanes. It's a sniffle, or ......