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Westchester Magazine

Eating Out Healthy: Speaking with Nutritionists about Smarter Cuisine and Menu Choices - Westchester Magazine - September 2013 - Westchester, NY

If you’re a foodie transfixed by a chef’s creations and not paying attention to what the hand-sewn cavatelli with garlic-infused reserve oil really means calorie-wise, you may be veering dangerously into unhealthy territory.

Westchester Magazine

The 5 Fabulous Superfoods Absolutely Everybody Should Be Eating ...

Although you may not (yet) find the word “superfood” in every dictionary, you’ll find plenty of these nutrient-packed powerhouses—ranging from the everyday to the exotic—in today’s food culture. Consider them the Clark Kents of foods, striving to wipe out health villains and chronic diseases that plague more than 100 million Americans.

Westchester Magazine

Minimally Invasive and Med-Spa Face and Body Treatments On the ...

In the search for the fountain of youth, more and more people are turning to physician-administered dermal fillers, chemical peels and other procedures, fueling the ever-expanding plastic surgery industry.

Westchester Magazine

What Exactly Is Malnutrition? - Westchester Magazine - March 2016 ...

Malnutrition: The word conjures up images of suffering children in Third World countries, with swollen bellies, protruding ribs, and sunken eyes. But while those children are certainly severely malnourished, the condition is not restricted to those in dire poverty.

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Westchester Magazine

| Say No To Aging: 10 Ways To Turn Back The Clock

| Say No To Aging: 10 Ways To Turn Back The Clock